1) How do I care for my pearls?

After pearls are worn, wipe them gently with a soft chamois or cloth, which can be dry or slightly damp. Avoid using harsh or abrasive fabrics as these may damage the pearls. Pay special attention to the drill holes, where dirt collects easily.

2) Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, I do deliver internationally. Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements.

3) What is Hill Tribe silver?

Hill Tribe silver beads and jewellery components are hand-made by Karen Hill Tribe silversmiths who live in the remote parts of northern Thailand. These artisans create beautiful unique items using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Each piece is individually handcrafted in this distinctive style. Hill Tribe silver has a content of .999 pure silver (higher than sterling .925).

4) What is ‘gold-filled’?

Gold-filled is created by bonding or ‘welding’ a layer of solid gold to a base metal core. This is achieved by using heat and pressure. In order for an item to be classified as gold-filled, it must have a gold content of at least 1/20th of its total weight. In comparison, 14k gold-fill (14K Gold-Filled) has approximately 100 x more gold than a gold-plated item. Gold-Filled is hard wearing and if looked after like fine jewellery it should last a lifetime.

5) What does ‘wire wrapping’ mean?

Wire wrapping is a technique used in handmade jewellery. Wire wrapped loops connect components to each other – no soldering or heating is used on the wire. This technique is primarily used by individual craftspeople. I use this technique because open loops could be pulled apart during wear.