Archangel Ariel Bracelet with Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver
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Archangel Ariel Bracelet with Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver

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This Archangel Ariel bracelet is made with gentle pink rose quartz, tiny Swarovski crystals and a sterling silver bead. All metal components are sterling silver.

The length of the bracelet is 18.5cm.


Archangels work with the Universal Law of Non-Interference. They cannot help you until you ask for assistance. They will come swiftly to whoever calls them from the heart, and to deal with issues associated with Divine Love.

This bracelet resonates to the energy of the Archangel Ariel. Ariel's name means 'Lioness of God". She is the angel of nature and the natural world. Her aura colour is pale pink.

She heals and helps wild animals, the environment, bodies of water and works closely with nature spirits … also minerals and crystals. She's supportive of teachers, healers and those in service to others, and acts as a link between humanity and nature. She boosts your confidence and courage, and supports you in living a loving, magical life.

This bracelet is infused with Reiki energy and is made with the permission and love of the Archangel Ariel. Wear it with love and light to invoke her energies.



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